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For Localization Services and Technology Providers

The industry continues to change rapidly. To put it mildly, this makes selling localization services and technologies more challenging than ever. Our decades of experience as buyers combined with intimate knowledge of the sell-side gives Locale Solutions a unique viewpoint into these challenges. Our unmatched experience uniquely positions us to give your company the buyer’s perspective it so desperately needs.
Service Categories

RFI/RFP Input and Feedback, Growth Strategies for High-Value Clients, Tailored Sales Training, New Market Expansion/Hiring


Messaging vs. Capabilities, Differentiation/Unique Marketing Campaigns, White Paper/Blogpost Creation, Market Perception Analysis, What Does Your Sales Team Really Need?


Presentation Preparation, Buyer/Seller Identification, Buyer/Seller Guidance Throughout the Process

Pre-Sale Consulting (various)

Vendor pays for our services when they realize they can’t make a sale until the client becomes a little more savvy. Provide neutral, third-party assessment of what the buyer actually needs to create/maintain an efficient localization program.

M&A Preparation and Identification

Assist sellers with intro decks and communication style; research and identify proper acquisition targets for worldwide buyers.

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Sample Engagements
Take a look at these real world examples of recent engagements to gain even deeper insight into how we can help you.
Marketing Deep Dive (Top 20 vendor and a Tech Driven Company)
Analysis of vendors overall marketing positioning led to carefully implemented changes and increased growth. Also met with Sales Teams to evaluate critical marketing needs.
RFI/RFP Input/Feedback (from small to mega vendor)
Evaluations and suggestions made before and after RFI/RFP was completed. We’re proud of our strike rate in this area.
Sales Team Establishment (Top 100 vendors)
Use contacts and industry contacts to identify candidates and support Sales teams in the US market.
Key Account Strategy (Mega-vendor/other)
Detailed exploration and analysis provided to help maintain and grow internal accounts.
Tailored Sales Training (from small to mega vendors)
Provide tailored variations on our successful “Selling Localization: The Buyers’ Guide” course currently run through The Localization Institute.
White Papers/Blogposts/Ebooks (Top 30 Localization Vendor)
Authored an ebook that plainly explains localization technology, its importance, and best-practice thinking when purchasing vendor and technology solutions; ghost-write blogs for a variety of needs.
M&A Target Identification (Top 20 Localization Vendor)

Researched and identified acquisition targets who fulfilled the unique parameters of the buyer’s requirements. Prepped both buyer and seller; facilitated introductions/kick-off meetings based on established relationships.