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For Localization Services and Technology Buyers

Regardless of where you are on the localization maturity scale, we can optimize your localization program more efficiently, thoughtfully, and cost-effectively than you can do it yourself. Decades of hands-on localization experience in a variety of firms -- from startups to the best known companies on the planet -- ensures our clients’ success. None of this is theory to us. We know how much the industry has changed these past few years. We’ll help you discover your best course of action to address both current and future needs.

Service Categories
Program Organization Optimization (Internal)
Language Strategy
Vendor Selection to Match Your Unique Needs
Technology: What You Need (now and in the future); Best Strategy to Acquire Technology Integration Optimization
Incorporation of Machine Translation; MT Provider Selection
Global Content Workflow Optimization
Sample Engagements
How might our services address your needs? Here are a few recent examples of how we maximized the ROI in L10N for our wide variety of clients.
Creation of Long-Term Loc & Vendor Management Plan (Listed Company)

For their talented-but-new localization team, facilitated building of a complete localization solution. Helped define short/medium/long-term strategy. Identified unique service and complex technology needs. Brought in vendor candidates capable of fulfilling all requirements (today and according to client’s roadmap); recommended final, ideal vendor

Holistic Planning for Machine Translation (Large Privately Held Company)

Provided a total solution around Machine Translation (MT). Collaboratively built solutions with internal stakeholders in 4 regions; selected the best MT application. Advised on required legal needs (internally and externally) around MT; created company-wide internal training to explain the practical and legal issues surrounding MT.

Global Content and Localization Process Optimization (Mid-Sized Fintech)

Optimized global content and localization processes after understanding the potential for tech integration. Enabled client to fully understand the type of vendor with whom they should work to maximize their localization investment.

Deep Industry Research (Private Equity “Advance” Team)

In a series of written Q&A and extended meetings, provided a complete look at the state of the localization industry including the technology and vendor landscape. “We wish we had started working with you two months ago” is the quote that best captures the client’s post-engagement sentiment.

Organization Analysis and Hiring (Listed Company)

Reviewed short/medium-term goals; provided role recommendations and modern job descriptions that precisely capture client requirements. Mapped out future operational and technology needs.